Leading By Example.

Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example.

Personalised Leadership and Management Coaching.

Enhancing leadership skill, informing management know-how and enabling people power #Simples!

Corporate culture matters

& how managers choose to treat their people impacts everything - for better or worse.

Simon Sinek


Knowledge Is The Life Blood Of Progress.

Our leadership workshops and management coaching programmes offer up a spicy mix of proven management theories, informed business psychology, engaging DISC communication know-how, sports behavioural science and proactive people development tools.

Pssst …. We also throw in a good TED Talk now and again, because frankly, we really love a good TED Talk.


Coaching, Communication and Leadership - Nothing More & Most Definitely Nothing Less.

3 business brilliance intentions are weaved through all that we offer and all that we do: Coaching, Communication and Leadership.

If you are serious about helping your people to truly thrive (and love what they do #FishPhilosophy) and are committed to using jolly good business behaviours to hone and shape your business success?

We may just have what you are looking for. Ask us how and chances are we will be keen to talk to you about the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ over a cuppa, after all, isn’t that how all great business partnerships start?


Context Is Key.

Context is a critical component of successful management and leadership. A brilliant leader in one situation does not necessarily perform well in another.

We absolutely agree - Context is key!

Here at Business Checkmate we believe the very best training programs and coaching initiatives should be individually tailored. After all, you are beautifully unique and we feel this should be appreciated in all that we offer you.


Get Comfortable, Being Uncomfortable!

Becoming a more effective leader or simply being a better manager often requires us to change our behaviour and this can, at times, feel like a monumentally uncomfortable place to be.

From delivering many 100’s of leadership and management coaching programmes - We have observed that leaders who stretch themselves beyond their current norms and managers who put themselves outside of their learning comfort zone - Will ultimately be the ones who take the most away from our workshops.

Yup its true, we will be asking you (at times) to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Business Checkmate - Leadership Training

Is now a good time to talk about good leadership? We think it might be.