DISC Behavioural Profiling.

DISC behavioural profiling, training workshops & communication skills coaching.

DISC profiling helps describe how we do what we do - Giving each and every one of us a peek into the looking glass of our behavioural tendencies.

Of all the internal forces going on in our heads DISC has been designed to measure the one visible factor that is externally demonstrated, our behaviours.

Simply put, DISC is the universal language of communication and behaviour.


Why DISC We Hear You Ask?

Simplicity lies at the heart of our passion for all things DISC and DISC psychometrics. Formed from 4 quadrants of behaviour (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance) we are confident you will swiftly pick up the DISC concept and in doing so, develop a groovy new understanding of your own DISC behavioural drivers.


Your DISC Experience.

We are firm believers that DISC should be experienced and not taught, so we pack all of our DISC workshops full of opportunity to DISCover more about the merits of William Marston’s DISC communication theory and every chance to get you up and moving with all things good communication.


Our DISC Communication Wizardry Workshops.

You will receive a comprehensive DISC profile report prior to attending a Business Checkmate DISC communication workshop and we offer both full and half-day facilitated programmes. Each of our DISC workshops can also be delivered in an individual, one-on-one format.


Your DISC Profile Report.

As you’d expect of a comprehensive DISC profile report, we give you a breakdown of each DISC factor explaining how it contributes to your overall behaviour and working style.

There’s plenty of graphical content, too, including Style Cards that summarise your DISC behaviour in contexts like leading and learning, a Trait Grid showing how you might change over time, and a Profile Tension section looking at potential sources of stress.

There is also a Textual Report, explaining your DISC personality in terms of up to twenty-one different business topics.


DISC Wizardry The Business Checkmate Way.

It’s a well known fact that here at Business Checkmate HQ we love DISC and it’s totally OK we don’t expect you to love it too!

We do however believe, if you are in a role that involves bringing about and engaging the great energies and talents of your people - Exploring the DISC patterns that drive behaviour, motivation, engagement and ultimately harness your teams people power, will undoubtedly help you be a better you (thats totally cool, right?)


Remind Me Again - What Does DISC Mean?

DISC is an acronym for the four primary dimensions of William Marston’s behavioural model and our very own Business Checkmate DISC psychometric profiling metrics:


Think direct, outgoing, results orientated, fast paced and you will be well on your way to understanding the High D personality.


Outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic, lively and gregarious personalities fill the shoes of an Influencing personality.


Caring, even-tempered, patient, organised and cohesive behaviours help inspire the actions of a Steadiness personality.


Analytical, precise, systematic and reserved behaviours make the Compliance personalities the ‘completer finishers’ within our DISC family.

Business Checkmate - DISC Profiling

We think it is time we talk about your behaviour … Lets catch up #DISC