Is your vision statement your North Star?

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Is your vision statement your North Star?

A vision statement can be many things - A long term ambition, an intent to inspire others to take action, an end goal underpinned by milestones on the road to success. I like to think of our Business Checkmate vision statement as our North Star and the shining beacon of light that both engages our employees, and stands proud as a declaration of our business intent … Inspiring all who join us on the journey to building good business & people brilliance.

Conversely by not having a vision statement, not having a direction, not knowing where you are going, it’s all the same. You go nowhere. You don’t arrive anywhere, because you don’t really have a destination in mind. Without direction, without a destination, without a bold vision, how do you pick a direction, choose a road, or plot a course to your own business luminosity.

Whatever the size of your business ambition and entrepreneurial spirit, you need to be clear about your purpose, your vision statement … your big WHY. And by big we mean really big (HUGE even!) every good vision statement should represent your intended picture of total business success.

And so to begin … A high-quality and inspiring vision statement should have two key foundational characteristics 1) It needs to state where the company wants to be in the near future and 2) it must have a level of excitement, energy and motivation to it.

When shaping your Vision statement, try these two natty little tips to help kick start your creative mojo:

1. Think of of your business as HEADLINE NEWS:

What’s the cover story? What’s the headline? What’s the description? What are the pictures? What are people saying about you?

2. Put together a list of PROUDS:

Throw down a list of positive achievements and successes.

Now you should have a melting pot of great ideas, key words and business ambitions to help inform your Vision Statement and remember … Vision statements are aspirational, energetic, ambitious and succinct; look to lay out the most important and primary goals for your business and in doing so, seek to create your own shinning beacon of business success.

Happy Visioning Peeps.

Business Checkmate Ltd are proud providers of people brilliance. We believe one of the real differences between success and failure in business, is how well an organisation brings out the great energies and talents of its people.