Happiness By Design and Happy Ever After.

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Happiness By Design and Happy Ever After.

We had the pleasure of listening to Professor of Happiness (oh yes, there is such a thing) Paul Dolan speak recently at Hay Festival and amongst his many pearls of happiness wisdom, he shared the following 5 top tips on making your day more smiley (OK that is our words and not his, but you get what we mean.)

1) Listen to music

2) choose to spend 5 minutes extra every day with someone you like

3) Do a good deed for another

4) Go outdoors

5) Have a new experience every day

We took it upon ourselves to learn more about Paul’s work and as the author of two highly acclaimed happiness books 1. Happiness by design and 2. Happy ever after we really do recommend you getting your happiness book worm motivated by taking a peek at Prof. Dolan’s work.