Giving A Great Presentation – Mine Is A Mojito Please!

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Giving A Great Presentation – Mine Is A Mojito Please!

Many great things have been said, done and demonstrated on the ‘how to’ of giving a really good presentation. And, here at Business Checkmate we are often called upon to calm pre-talk jitters and bolster brilliant speaking performances.

With this in mind, we like to think of a great presentation as being a cocktail of many fruity and awe inspiring ingredients … Herewith a few of our presenting top tip’s, designed to help add a little fizz & sparkle to your next speaking engagement:

  • Be a great story teller. It is well known that as humans, we are hot wired to listen to great stories. And here’s an interesting fact to back up our love of a gripping narrative, good stories have been known to increase audience retention by up to 26%.

Do your homework on the people you’re about to address and plan your talk around your audiences needs; create a presentation that emphasises, engages and inspires the core interests of your audience.

Include a ‘star’ moment, designed to drive home your main point. A star moment is a TED-talk term and it means doing something that is so memorable, that if your audience remember nothing else about your talk, they’ll remember your ‘star’ moment… Just be mindful that your audience remember your ‘star’ moment for all the right reasons!

Combine your powerful ‘story’ with a perfect mix of informed analytics & strong imagery. Up to 80% of human knowledge is acquired through sight; using an engaging photo or graphic, will considerably improve your audience’s ability to both retain, and recall key information.

Don’t show what you don’t know. If you talk about topics that you’re only intellectually familiar with then you risk sound hollow, academic and detached; if you know your topic well and it is something you feel passionately about, your presenting manner is more likely to be more conversational, authentic and inspiring.

If you are feeling confident start with silence, this is a quick an easy way to gain the attention of the room and build audience anticipation as to what you are going to do and / or say next. Just make sure you can hold your composure, even the briefest silence can feel like a lifetime, when all eyes are on you!

To start a presentation try beginning with direct or rhetorical questions to the audience. This a great way to include your audience, get them thinking and form a connection; it’s also a proactive means of breaking down what can often feel like the invisible barrier, between you and your audience.

Smile and have fun! If you’re having fun, then it’s likely that your audience will too; let your audience feel your passion and energy for your chosen topic.-

And finally, make it easy for your audience to stay in contact with you after your speaking event. Maybe create a Twitter hashtag for your audience to tweet out your best quotable comments, encourage people to connect with your on Linked In; or offer an incentive for people to engage with your services, long after the buzz of your big moment has passed.

Go forth and add a little ‘Gin Fizz’ to your presentation, lovely people.

Business Checkmate Ltd are proud providers of people brilliance. We believe one of the real differences between success and failure in business, is how well an organisation brings out the great energies and talents of its people.