8 Ways Body Language Beats IQ.

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8 Ways Body Language Beats IQ.

We have been totally inspired by body language expert Amy Cuddy and her insightful TED Talk on all things body language and confidence (if you haven’t had chance to see it yet, click here to witness Amy’s superb talk and shared TED wisdom.)

Hence we recently read with interest Dr. Travis Bradberry’s Linked In – Pulse article on this very subject matter, during which Dr. Bradberry draws insight from much of Amy Cuddy’s work and identifies the following key findings:

Positive body language changes your attitude.

Positive body language makes you more likeable.

Positive body language conveys competence.

To read more on this fascinating subject matter and to gain further clarity on Dr. Travis Bradberry’s findings, follow this nifty little link across to Linked In – Pulse.