3 Things Fish, Cheese and A Great Legacy have taught me about starting (and growing) my own business.

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3 Things Fish, Cheese and A Great Legacy have taught me about starting (and growing) my own business.

Whilst speaking at a conference recently, I was asked to share a little wisdom on the 3 key lessons both starting my own business and working with other gifted business entrepreneurs, have taught me.

In truth I found it really tough to drill my answer down to 3 key pieces of business wisdom. After all, the past 7 years of owning, growing, building, restructuring and inspiring Business Checkmate’s ongoing success have been terrifying and rewarding in equal measure (and lets face it, in business, everyday continues to be a school day … so to speak!)

Anyway, here goes:

3 Things Fish, Cheese and A Great Legacy have taught me about starting (and growing) my own business:

1. If you love what you do, you will be so much better at what you do

Now granted, the philosophy of “work made fun gets done” was first introduced to me several years back, via the acclaimed book FISH (author Stephen C Lundin) and I believe the sentiment still wins true today. Whether you own your own company, or are employed to be brilliant on behalf of an organization, there will be a fundamental difference in your performance when taking action because you are told to, or taking action because your heart and soul believes it be the best endeavour.

2. Old beliefs, do not lead you to new opportunities

And any of you that have the opportunity to read the critically acclaimed book “Who Moved My Cheese” will already be familiar with this way of thinking. The simple truth is that we have a tendency to be creatures of habit and the formation of some habits, may be considered a dangerous thing in business. Surround yourself with people who help you look at the world differently, who aren’t afraid to challenge your thinking and ultimately, surround yourself with people who help you be brave in letting go of the beliefs that are holding you back.

3. “When you are at the top of your game, change your game”

I must confess I can’t claim the accolade for this inspired statement and the prize for this informed intent, very much goes to James Kerr (author of Legacy) who’s book I have poetically take this line from. I believe this sentiment to be true though. Change is one of the only constants in the world as we know it and taking the time to keep one eye on the horizon (or identifying the GAP as Legacy terms it) will doubtless serve you well in continuing to build your business growth.

These are my 3 key business lessons (and thank you for taking the time to peek at my blog post) …. What are yours?

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