1:1 coaching

Our Great Managers 1:1 coaching program and series of training workshops have been designed to inspire a coaching ethos across your organization.

Great managers coach

Suitable for experienced middle and senior managers who wish to enhance their core coaching practices, promote a culture of effective coaching conversations and support their team’s journey to business excellence.


With an experiential focus on coaching and its application, and shared best practice from our hugely-experienced trainers, our workshops develop essential coaching skills. Managers learn faster, more effectively and can apply what they learn back in the workplace, with immediate results. We typically look to develop the following coaching skills:

  • Establishing coaching agreement and developing strong coaching relationships with direct reports
  • Understanding coaching principles and using the GROW Coaching Model
  • Establishing trust, creating a safe, supportive and challenging environment through mutual respect and trust
  • Active listening, using enhanced, open communication to gain clarity and build partnerships
  • Powerful questioning, understanding and empowering direct reports
  • Coaching feedback; giving effective feedback and positively managing performance reviews
  • Setting goals that both energize and motivate
  • Setting and reviewing actions and facilitating enhanced performance management
  • Creating awareness of current performance and behaviours
  • Working with limiting mindsets & the ‘inner critic’
  • Bringing coaching into work relationships and fully integrating coaching into your management style To find out more about our coaching programs and to gain further insight into our coaching wisdom, please contact a member of our Business Checkmate training team today – we’d love to hear from you.

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