Building High Performance Teams

A high performance team comprises a group of individuals who work well together, harnessing the different strengths and attributes of all team members. To build such a team requires a leader or manager who will foster the individual and collaborative attitudes, behaviours and skills required.

Every team is different

Every team is different and by understanding the factors that determine your teams’ success, effective coaching and training can unleash your team’s brilliance.


Our Building Brilliant Team’s training programmes and workshops may include the following areas of team development:

Developing a high performance team

create and sustain the values, expectations and ground rules to inspire and motivate team members to achieve goals and gain commitment.

Leadership styles and effective team leadership

understand your own leadership style and explore how to adapt it to develop highly effective team working.

Communicating and working with your team

set clear objectives and use delegation to empower your employees effectively.

Understanding decision-making styles

explore the advantages and disadvantages of different decision-making styles, examine the importance of innovation within teams and practice proactive problem-solving techniques.

Getting the most from team meetings

discover new techniques and skills to transform team meetings and ensure effective facilitation, communication, decision-making and involvement.

Creating collaboration

learn how to create a collaborative culture within, and between, teams and so minimize the risk of conflict.

Resolving conflict

deal with difficult team situations, facilitate positive outcomes, identify sources of conflict and enhance your conflict resolution skills.

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